Yesterday morning while having my first cup of coffee to get started for the day I turned on Fox News channel to see what was happening in the world. The first segment I watched dealt with the legalization of marijuana in three states. The states who are considering this new idea are New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Luckily, the host of Fox News had a legitimate CEO of Opiant Pharmaceuticals. Roger Crystal MD was the expert on this topic. The moderator and host were very professional and honest based upon the present level of addiction treatment.

There is no research on the treatment of addiction with marijuana presently. Research on the use of marijuana in drug addiction is underway. Marijuana has been perpetrated by the non-scientific community, stating it has many attributes to reduce pain, seizures, and other common medical problems without scientific validation.

Marijuana is considered one of the gateway drugs to opioid use by the addictive medicine researchers and specialists. It is my opinion; the politicians are doing the pushing and not the FDA nor the scientific community. We have the best scientists, medical researchers, and addictive medically trained physicians in the world. Politicians have no concept of what is going on with addiction as evidenced by the increasing yearly death rate.

The political war on drugs is failing and should be left to the researchers, law enforcers, and doctors who specialize in addictive medicine. The situation should be handled legally and morally and should be determined by the politicians based on the recommendations of those involved.

Regarding legalization of marijuana in the United States, studies from France have revealed in those states where legalized there has been an increase in heroin use. I am in the process of obtaining this data. Dr. Crystal’s company is trying to develop an antidote to Fentanyl which is 50 times more potent than heroin. In its strongest form Fentanyl, is used as an elephant tranquilizer known as Carfentanil. I believe his presentation in the Fox presentation was more than fair regarding marijuana for opioid addiction.



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